Develop your skills as a
Personal Trainer.

The personal training and fitness industry is always changing and as a personal training instructor it is important that you develop your skills with it. That’s why Core Strength Health and Fitness have developed a Personal Trainer development and mentoring program, especially designed to tackle real world situations, client interaction, business development and a range of other areas that personal trainers cover.

Our mentoring and training programs cover

  • One to One personal development
  • Managing clients
  • Professional best practice
  • Understanding client needs
  • Personal Trainer skills
  • Building your business
  • Where to start
  • Fitness and training packages
  • Industry questions and problem solving

Our lead trainer Daniel has over 25 years experience in health and fitness and has developed a successful and professional approach to clients and training. His experience and knowledge will assist you taking your first steps into the world of functional training and fitness care.

Contact Daniel today to assist with your career development.